6 Reasons That You’re About To Die and You Don’t Even Know It Yet

I couldn’t believe how I died. The battle had been intense on an insane level and I had used every special item that I had. Surely I saved before walking into the last cave…right?
WRONG. Like a cocky little idiot I had not saved my game before walking blindly into the last cave, nor had I buffed the status and healed the characters in my team. I had not saved my game for the last three hours and I passed up the opportunity to save just before walking into one of the worst boss battles that I had ever experienced in a video game. I was a fool.
Unfortunately, thousands of students returned to school this Fall and walked into a class that was just like my “cave experience”. If they ignored the signs that said that this class is more than some simple grade booster, then they will be in for a rude awakening. Just as I overlooked the trademark signs in any RPG video game that clues you in that a major boss battle is about to take place, here are a few simple signs that says that maybe you should be a bit more prepared for what lies ahead in this class:

Reason #1. Pay attention to the reaction that you get when others hear the name of your teacher
I took a guy for biochemistry several years ago, and when I say his name babies cry while dogs howl. If you get a horror movie reaction from people when you say the name of the teacher, you already know what to expect. Trust me, no teacher really wants to spill the beans on a co-worker. I work with alot of good teachers within my department, so I rarely run into this issue. However, the folks that I work with are uncharacteristically honest about peer feedback. If you are at a school that doesn’t have this kind of atmosphere then they will lie about the demon spawn that is waiting by the chalkboard down the hall just to save face. Beware

NEXT WEEK: Reason #2, Rate My Professor Please

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