6 Reasons That You’re About To Die and You Don’t Even Know It Yet (pt.2)

Reason #2. Rate Your Professor
Some teachers cannot stand the RateMyProfessor.com website, and they hate it when I promote it. Maybe they view me as being Tony Stark and the Superhuman Registration Act during Marvel’s Civil War. I don’t agree with fake testimonials given by poor performing students, but I do believe in student feedback. If you are mean and insensitive, then you need to know it. Dude, it’s a Speech Class! You’re supposed to build my confidence to speak in front of people, not destroy it! But when reading the ratings make sure to avoid ratings that lack details (i.e., “she’s really hard”, or “he makes you read”), and be very careful of angry posts that were made just after they received their final grades. rate my prof oakI once had a student who arrived halfway through class and slept through the other half of my class. She then asked to make up all of the work that she had missed during the entire class with just three weeks left in the semester. Without a documented excuse, all I could tell her was ‘no’. That didn’t go too well. After the final grade was posted she proceeded to post the most negative review about me that I had ever seen. So I contacted RateMyProfessor.com because a teacher can contest a bad review. Oh, you didn’t know that, did you? Yep, I provided proof that her accusations were false and they removed the negative comment. So don’t read one comment and make your final decision. Also, if the ratings are low over a consistent period of time (like two years) there might be a reason why. Anyone can have a bad semester or two but when you never do anything that raises your street cred then that might be another sign altogether.

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